Some of the standard streaming units on the planet — the Amazon FireTV Stick 4K can now be bootloader unlocked due to an exploit discovered by XDA Senior Member xyz and utilised by XDA Senior Member k4y0z.

The boot-ROM exploit isn’t precisely simple to carry out (it requires the consumer to open up the FireTV Stick), but when performed correctly, can unlock the bootloader of your FireTV Stick 4K, providing you with entry to an entire lot extra energy than ordinary.

As defined by XDA of their put up in regards to the technique, a primary overview of the tactic is to open the FireTV Stick, take away the heatshield, after which quick particular factors on the motherboard. Customers may also want a patched Linux-kernel on their PC, which is accessible within the type of a Stay ISO, so customers can merely burn it onto a CD, or a flash drive and live-boot their system into the OS.

The method, as XDA factors out, isn’t precisely the best to carry out and shouldn’t be tried by rookies. That mentioned, when you’re so inclined, there’s an in depth information within the XDA Boards that you may take a look at here.

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